INN ACOUSTIC – invisible monolithic sound absorbing system


MODULAR ACOUSTIC Product description MODULAR ACOUSTIC by Isoldesign is the modular version of INN Acoustic, the invisible monolithic sound-absorbing system with an infinite surface. The only difference is that in this new module version, the panels are exposed for a [...]

ISLAND – Plaster sound-absorbing panels


ISLAND TECNO TEX PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ISLAND TECNO-TEX are ISLAND sound-absorbing acoustic panels with “fabric effect” finish. In fact, these panels are not covered with real fabric but are painted with a special paint with a fabric effect. This cutting-edge coloring [...]

TETRYS BY CELENIT – sound-absorbing panels in wood wool

Shell by Celenit

SHELL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SHELL by Celenit is the acoustic design solution for buildings. In particular, Shell is a double or triple layer load-bearing panel that combines acoustics and mechanics, ideal for structural applications. The external layer, in structural colaminate, has [...]

ARCADE – polyester sound-absorbing panel

A.L.T. – Aluminum panel coated with fabric

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ALT is the acronym for the materials that comprise one of the IsolDesign solutions for the acoustic correction of public and private environments: Aluminum, Mineral wool and Fabric. Aluminum is the metal of which the 40mm thick frame [...]

MOON – illuminated sound absorbing ceiling

STAVE ACOUSTIC – external sound absorbing barriers and industrial cabins

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Stave acoustic by Isoldesign is the acoustic solution for the industrial and civil sector. Stave, which stands for ``stave``, is a system for acoustic comfort based on aluminum, PVC and heat-bound polyester fiber, specifically non-corrosive to physicochemical agents. [...]

SUB SOUND – pannello monomaterico termoformato

Thermoformed single material panel by Isoldesign Product description SUB SOUND is the new line of Isoldesign sound absorbing products with a compact and monometric appearance. These panels are in fact thermoformed and enjoy excellent acoustic performance (hence the name SUB, [...]

Spider Acoustic ® – Portable sound absorbing system

ALT SCREEN – Aluminum panel coated with fabric

FINLAND – micro perforated sound absorbing wood panels